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  "Laczo, Louis" <Louis.Laczo at> wrote:
> I'm looking for comments / suggestions / opinions from any providers that 
>have been contacted by spamhaus about excessive queries originating from 
>their DNS resolvers, typically, as a proxy for customers. I know that 
>certain large DNS providers (i.e. google and level3) have either been 
>banned or have voluntarily blocked spamhaus queries by their resolvers. 
>We're currently in discussion with spamhaus and I wanted to see how others 
>may have handled this.
> Thanks!
> --Lou

When we licensed Spamhaus a few years back, they required us to set-up a DNS 
slave server instead of querying against their public server. They had a 
special DNS client that allowed partial zone updates. Turns out we 
downloaded huge hourly updates.

We no longer use Spamhaus, relying instead upon Sender Base Reputation 
Scores (IronPort).

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