History of What's the story?

Tomas L. Byrnes tomb at byrneit.net
Wed Feb 17 21:49:15 UTC 2010

One main POP does not mean single homed.

We had multiple upstreams, entrance facilities, and peers. We just had
one facility where it all was, and our remote users were often dialing
into third party banks based on reciprocity agreements when they were
out of area.

It was 12 years ago. Consolidation has rendered a lot of the
collaboration from those days moot.

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> > [Tomas L. Byrnes] We were a small regional ISP with only one main
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> If you are single homed, you -are- your upstream's network, er, AS.  I
> was careful to use "AS" and not "network" or "ISP" in my post - except
> the last line. :)
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