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is there a nanog austin eats page somewhere?  i lost my old link to some
wiki we used to use.

and, a completely unverified recco from an austin friend (who thinks
chicken fried steak is the meat nearest heaven).

> I spoke to my colleague who has lived in Austin more recently than I
> have.
> He recommends North By Northwest highly, in the Arboretum area.
> When I was a Texan in exile, I would always, on returning, worship at
> the shrine of Chicken Fried Steak. Threadgill's is a timeless classic
> that specializes in it. Ken Threadgill was an Austin legend, who gave
> Janis Joplin one of her first paying gigs. Bonus: Manager Eddie Wilson
> was the Ranch Boss at the Armadillo World Headquarters, and has a shrine
> of posters and pictures from the font of Austin weirdness.
> He also recommends Urbanspoon as an online info source.
> Welcome, y'all.

There are many good locations along the 'Drag' near campus; a strench of Guadalupe [] that includes many excellent local venues including 5 Guy's Burger and Kirby Lane Cafe. If you hang around the intersection of 6th and 7th street(s), you can check out Wahoo's Fish Taco or Kat'z Deli & Bar. South of the lake on Barton Springs [] includes an Austin favorite, Chuy's. As well as Uncle Billy's Brew&Que (which doubles as a local brewery). Honorable mention includes P Terry's (cheap burger joint on the corner of Barton Springs and Lamar)

If you're willing to travel outside of downtown, Trudy's on South I35 is popular. I'm a big fan of Aster's Ethiopian just North of Dean Keeton on South I35. Comparable to Chuy's (and owned by the same people) is The Hula Hut, on Lake Austin Boulevard which provides a view of the lake (the outside deck is nice if it is warm enough).

Though, if you've got a break or some time in the evening Austin's Alamo Draft House is a must see. A movie theatre in which you can order drinks/food while you watch. Though you'd think it terribly distracting, the South Lamar theatre [] provides stadium style seating which keeps servers relatively out of view. Any of the theaters are worth checking out, and several include limited release and/or independent films.

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