Looking for contact from the University of Wisconsin Madison

John Jason Brzozowski john_brzozowski at cable.comcast.com
Wed Feb 17 13:05:36 UTC 2010

Thanks Joe.

On 2/17/10 7:56 AM, "Joe Greco" <jgreco at ns.sol.net> wrote:

>> Anyone have a contact at University of Wisconsin Madison (
>> Would really like to talk to someone who is involved with running the
>> network over there.
> Depending on your issue, you might actually want to talk to WiscNet.
> For UW Madison, you can also talk to noc at doit.wisc.edu.  People like
> Dave Plonka irregularly make appearances here; Dave is friendly and
> can be reached at plonka at cs.wisc.edu, though I'm not sure what his exact
> role is.
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