BIRD vs Quagga

Tomas L. Byrnes tomb at
Wed Feb 17 03:53:03 UTC 2010

As in SS7, which has successfully managed the phone system for decades,
where the control and data plane are explicitly separated?

There's significant theoretical work, backed up with lots of practical
experience connecting a lot more nodes in real time in a lot more places
than the Internet currently does, that posits that the control and
forwarding plane should actually ALWAYS be separate, and control higher
priority, so that state management converges faster than the dataflows.

I'd like to see the countervailing, peer reviewed, references.

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> > medium-long term, community based route-server filtering has no
> future.
> > There will be two reasons for its demise: it cannot easily
> accommodate
> > asn32 and it does not allow predetermined filtering and hence sane
> > loc-rib instance management.
> i would add decades of bad anecdotes where the data plane is not
> congruent with the control plane.  in general, when plane N is not
> congruent with plane N+1, management and debugging are problematic.
> randy

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