Recommendations for router with routed copper gig-e ports?

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Not sure if this meets your needs, but here's some ruggedized stuff:

Sure you need GigE?


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I'm involved in a project where we are cutting over a WISP from being a
single broadcast domain into the grownup real world of routing between tower
nodes.  Of course the equipment is all Mikrotik and the single broadcast
domain was easy to implement, so that's why it was done this way.

My problem on the redesign is I want to provide routed, copper gig-e ports
at a reasonable price per port.

My thought is to provide one copper gig-e port for all of the APs at a tower
and a copper gig-e port for each backhaul to other towers (typically 2 to
4).  On the core nodes, I want to have one fiber gig-e port for the internet
connection.  BGP would be implemented on the routers that connect to the
internet.  OSPF would be implemented on all of the backhaul ports.

So number of routed, copper gig-e ports at each tower would be:

1 - AP network (need suggestion for cost effective gig-e switch)
2 to 4 - back haul ports
1 - internet port (on one out of every 4 towers or so)  (and most likely
fiber instead of copper)

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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