In wall switches

Andrey Khomyakov khomyakov.andrey at
Tue Feb 16 23:35:11 UTC 2010

I talked to HP and as I expected those ProCurve APs with a 4 port switch are
LWAPs which could be great if you got spare $ for a controller, but is not
so great on a low budget.
I just placed an order for 3 of the NJ2000 to start with. For $150 a pop
will see how they work out.
Btw, NJ220 (at least on - trusted vendor in networking gear :) ) are
just $75 a pop. Just as much as those 4 port linksys nightmares.
Thanks to all who pointed them out. Seems to be exactly what I was looking

Andrey Khomyakov
[khomyakov.andrey at]

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