Denic (.de) blocking 6to4 nameservers (since begin feb 2010)

Nathan Ward nanog at
Tue Feb 16 06:50:46 UTC 2010

On 16/02/2010, at 7:47 PM, Mikael Abrahamsson wrote:

> On Tue, 16 Feb 2010, Nathan Ward wrote:
>> XP won't ask for AAAA unless it has non-Teredo connectivity though I don't think.
> That doesn't compute considering all the XP machines with Teredo addresses that asked for my AAAA only content.
> <>
> "Of the users getting v6 only gif from non-tunnel-space, 58% were from Proxad ( I believe), and then on the list came UNINET, SUNET, FUNET (university networks in .no, .se and .fi) and Hurricane electric.
> 98% of Teredo users run Windows XP.
> 88% of 6to4 users run Windows Vista."
> So 98% of Teredo users getting the v6only content (using DNS) was using WinXP, so it does seem it does AAAA lookups.

I mean non-Teredo connectivity in addition to Teredo.

Perhaps they have Teredo and 6to4, and could not reach you via 6to4 so instead used Teredo, or, any number of scenarios.

Nathan Ward

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