DNSSEC Readiness

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Tue Feb 16 00:16:20 UTC 2010

In message <4B798F1E.6080403 at knownelement.com>, Charles N Wyble writes:
> All,
> How are folks verifying DNSSEC readiness of their environments? Any
> existing testing methodologies / resources that folks are using?
> It seems like this is something that will become a front and center
> issue for help desks everywhere pretty quick. :) Ideally the more we can
> stave off issues through proactive testing/fixing the better.

Make the following queries from your recursive servers.  If you
force the query source in the nameserver add a "-b <address>" to

dig -4 ns . +norec @l.root-servers.net
dig -4 ns . +dnssec +cd +norec @l.root-servers.net
dig -4 any . +dnssec +cd +norec @l.root-servers.net
dig -4 any . +dnssec +cd +norec @l.root-servers.net +vc

If any of them fail you need to fix your middleware and / or firewall
on the box.

The first +dnssec query checks that unfragmented DNSSEC responses
over 512 bytes are passed.  I get 801 bytes today when I run this

The second +dnssec query checks that fragmented DNSSEC responses are
passed.  I get 1906 bytes today when I run this test.

The third +dnsec query checks that DNSSEC responses over TCP are

The non +dnssec query is a control query to check that you can reach

Repeat for IPv6.

dig -6 ns . +norec @l.root-servers.net
dig -6 ns . +dnssec +cd +norec @l.root-servers.net
dig -6 any . +dnssec +cd +norec @l.root-servers.net
dig -6 any . +dnssec +cd +norec @l.root-servers.net +vc
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