server problems for europe?

Mark Scholten mark at
Mon Feb 15 18:04:49 UTC 2010

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> On Mon, 15 Feb 2010, Mark Scholten wrote:
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> > I've seen problems that are only there because of DNSSEC, so if there
> is a
> > problem starting with trying to disable DNSSEC could be a good idea.
> As long
> > as not all rootzones are signed I don't see a good reason to use
> > the moment.
> You realise that two of them are signed now and the rest will be signed
> by
> 1st July?
> Tony.

Yes, I realise that. I also realise that not all nameserver software can
work as it work with DNSSEC. That is also a problem that has to be solved
and for as far as I know all nameserver software we use support it or will
support it in the future. As long as it is not supported by all nameserver
software you can keep problems.

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