dns interceptors

Larry Brower larry-lists at maxqe.com
Mon Feb 15 03:44:02 UTC 2010

Randy Bush wrote:
> end user to network
> having probs with certs, i.e. what --outform it wants.  not finding in
> docs.  tried raw, but now guessing pem.  same for client and server
> server
>   ca.crt
>   server.crt
>   server.key
> client
>   ca.crt
>   client.crt
>   client.key
> and i presume i have to dump all client.crt files in the server's
> ../openvpn dir, but under what names?  or does it just wantonly trust
> anyone under that ca?
> randy
What error is getting logged?

They are just normal cert's and should be in the keys directory under 
openvpn's user directory.

OpenVPN includes scripts that can make the certificates for you under 
the directory easy-rsa

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