History of What's the story?

Patrick W. Gilmore patrick at ianai.net
Sun Feb 14 22:20:42 UTC 2010

On Feb 14, 2010, at 5:17 PM, Mark Andrews wrote:
> In message <182E6E76-F12A-41D9-800A-E5E40F3C3B7D at direwolf.com>, John Orthoefer 
> writes:
>> Genuity/GTEI/Planet/BBN owned 4/8.  Brett went looking for an IP that =
>> was simple to remember, I think was in use by neteng already.  =
>> But it was picked to be easy to remember, I think jhawk had put a hold =
>> on the block, we got/grabbed 3 address,, and =
>> so people had 3 address to go to.    At the time people had =
>> issues with just using a single resolver.  We also had issues with both =
>> users and registers since clearly they aren't geographically diverse, =
>> trying to explain routing tricks to people KNOW all IPs come in and are =
>> routed as Class A/B/C blocks is hard.
> I don't care what internal routing tricks are used, they are still
> under the *one* external route and as such subject to single points
> of failure and as such don't have enough independence.

It's an open recursive name server, it is free, has no SLA, and is not critical infrastructure.

Besides, it is quicker / better to use your local ISP's RNS.  If something goes wrong, you can fall back to OpenDNS or L3, and, of course, yell at the _company_you_are_paying_ when their stuff doesn't work. :)


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