History of What's the story?

John Palmer (NANOG Acct) nanog2 at adns.net
Sun Feb 14 18:43:12 UTC 2010 is stunted just like any other resolvers that use only the USG root. A more useful resolver is ASLAN [] 
which is an inclusive namespace resolver which shows users a complete map of the internet, not just what ICANN wants them
to see.
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>I think around 10 years ago Slashdot had a few stories (and still do, 
> actually) about how great these resolvers were.  I think that propelled 
> quite a bit of their growth and popularity.
> On 2/14/2010 1:16 AM, Sean Reifschneider wrote:
>> I've wondered about this for years, but only this evening did I start
>> searching for details.  And I really couldn't find any.
>> Can anyone point me at distant history about how came to be, in my
>> estimation, the most famous DNS server on the planet?
>> I know that it was originally at BBN, what I'm looking for is things like:
>>     How the IP was picked.  (I'd guess it was one of the early DNS servers,
>>           and the people behind it realized that if there was one IP address
>>           that really needed to be easy to remember, it was the DNS server,
>>           for obvious reasons).
>>     Was it always meant to be a public resolver?
>>     How it continued to remain an open resolver, even in the face of
>>           amplifier attacks using DNS resolvers.  Perhaps it has had
>>           rate-limiting on it for a long time.
>>     There's a lot of conjecture about it using anycast, anyone know anything
>>           about it's current configuration?
>> So, if anyone has any stories about, I'd love to hear them.
>> Thanks,
>> Sean

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