CYMRU Bogon Peering

Seth Mattinen sethm at
Sat Feb 13 03:00:48 UTC 2010

On 2/12/2010 17:51, Rob Thomas wrote:
> Hi, Seth.
>> While I have your attention, I've noticed there's been a bit of
>> instability lately with the BGP sessions (in fact one of mine right now
>> is down). With 30 routes it's not a big deal to have frequent churn, but
>> if you're going to expand that to a larger feed then it could become a
>> problem.
> Alas, the joy of multihop BGP.  :)  This is why we recommend at least
> two peering sessions to two disparate route-servers.  We'll take the
> same approach with the expanded IPv4 and IPv6 offerings.

Yep, I have two. It's always one or the other, but never both

> If you could send me a list of outages with dates and times, I'll look
> into those ASAP.  I can see if other sessions were dropping at the same
> time, upstream outages, etc.
> Feel free to hit up noc at with outage reports as they occur as well.

Thanks, I'll keep an eye on it.


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