CYMRU Bogon Peering

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Fri Feb 12 21:21:40 UTC 2010

 	Hello All ,

On Fri, 12 Feb 2010, Bill Blackford wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 12:51 PM, Thomas Magill <tmagill at
>> wrote:
>> In efforts to further protect us against threats I am considering
>> establishing Bogon peers to enable me to filter unallocated address
>> space.  I am just wondering if this is a worthwhile step to take and if
>> anyone has ran into any issues or points of concern that I may want to
>> take into account.  Thanks in advance for any input.
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> I've been doing this for some time on two routers injecting the null routes
> into my AS. No issues. Beats the heck out of trying to use ACLs. However,
> the prefix count is rapidly diminishing as more blocks are being released by
> the various RIRs hence being pulled from the bogon list.
> -b
 	I've a question for the CYMRU Team ,  My reasoning for posting here is 
to get a much wide knowledge base .

 	Does or Is the 'Bogon Peering' Product(?) ,  Only at the IANA->RIR 
allocations level ?   F.E.:  IANA has allocated to RIPE .


 	Does the product also include the actual remaining non-allocated space 
at the RIR->EU level ? (**)   F.E: RIPE has allocated to anubusstupidity, inc.

 		Tia ,  JimL

ps:	I am Very well aware that (so far) there is no standard format for 
returned requests from *whois daemons .
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