Linux Router distro's with dual stack capability

Marty Anstey marty.anstey at
Thu Feb 11 23:28:21 UTC 2010

William Pitcock wrote:
> FreeBSD's network stack chokes up in DDoS attacks due to interrupt
> flooding.  We used to use FreeBSD for firewalling and basic routing, but
> when noticing that we had horizontal scalability (e.g. a Celeron 667mhz
> performed nearly as well as a dual dual-core Xeon system when DDoS
> attacks happened), we switched to Vyatta, and generally have not looked
> back.
> William
Which version of FreeBSD and how much traffic/pps?

I believe that there has been significant improvements to the networking
stack in recent versions of FreeBSD, plus there are also a lot of sysctl
tunables which can significantly improve networking performance. I have
a hard time believing that the networking performance of recent versions
of FreeBSD would not be competitive in comparison to other unixes.


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