Latest Cisco for small dual homed ASN

Curtis Maurand cmaurand at
Thu Feb 11 20:13:59 UTC 2010

On 2/11/2010 1:53 PM, James Smallacombe wrote:
> I have a customer that is looking at using BGP for their network; one 
> connection over a few bonded T1s, the other over a Comcast Enterprise 
> connection (which supposedly will do BGP now).
> When I was dual homed a few years ago, a 7204VXR with 256MB was more 
> than adequate.  With routing tables growing the way they are, what's a 
> good Cisco based solution on the lower end of the price spectrum that 
> should handle this fine for a few years?
> Somebody else is suggesting a Vyatta (Linux based) solution, which 
> makes me a little nervous.  Then again, Linux has improved 
> dramatically from a security and stability P.O.V, so maybe it's worth 
> a look if there's no hard drive involved.

I've been running vyatta, here, for a year now.  Its running VPN's and 
its routing on a TimeWarner Fiber on a modest dual core supermicro 
server.  Its never had to be restarted.  Its only dropped its tunnel a 
few times, but a cronjob checks it and restarts if it goes away.

Version  :    VC5.0.2
Copyright:    2006-2009 Vyatta, Inc.
Built by :    root at
Built on :    Fri Feb 27 03:18:16 UTC 2009
Build ID :    2009-02-26-2347-3bb1a83
Boot via :    disk
Uptime   :    15:10:39 up 225 days, 22:31,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 
0.00, 0.00


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