Latest Cisco for small dual homed ASN

James Smallacombe up at
Thu Feb 11 18:53:26 UTC 2010

I have a customer that is looking at using BGP for their network; one 
connection over a few bonded T1s, the other over a Comcast Enterprise 
connection (which supposedly will do BGP now).

When I was dual homed a few years ago, a 7204VXR with 256MB was more than 
adequate.  With routing tables growing the way they are, what's a good 
Cisco based solution on the lower end of the price spectrum that should 
handle this fine for a few years?

Somebody else is suggesting a Vyatta (Linux based) solution, which makes 
me a little nervous.  Then again, Linux has improved dramatically from a 
security and stability P.O.V, so maybe it's worth a look if there's no 
hard drive involved.


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