Denic (.de) blocking 6to4 nameservers (since begin feb 2010)

Igor Ybema igor at
Thu Feb 11 12:26:42 UTC 2010


We are using 6to4 on our fallback site because the provider there is
not able to provide us native IPv6 yet. We have also installed a
fallback nameserver over there using a 6to4 address.

This works good and no complains what so ever in the past.

However, last week Denic (registry for .de) changed their policy (or
their checks). They don't allow a nameserver for a .de domain anymore
which contains a 6to4 address. The policy is "it should be a global
unicast AND the block should be assigned to a RIR for suballocation
The 6to4 range is Global Unicast
but it is not assigned to a RIR because it is a special block. This
fails their policy and their checks (resulting in a ERROR: 105 All
IPv6 Addresses must be Global Unicast).

Ok, policy is policy and we should not complain. However, I'm asking
your opinions about this policy. I find this really stupid because
this completely brakes use for 6to4 in Germany and their is no good
reason to block it.

We know we should push our provider to support native IPv6, and we do.
But this should not stop us using IPv6 6to4.

regards, Igor Ybema

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