Google to offer fiber to end users

James Hess mysidia at
Thu Feb 11 01:08:15 UTC 2010

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 3:00 PM, David Hubbard
<dhubbard at> wrote:
> Residential computers with enough bandwidth to DoS
> hosting providers; that should be fun.  Maybe it will

Enough to DoS hosting providers based on _current_  practices.  If 1g
FTTH catches on, hosting providers will probably want 10/100 Gigabit
transfer technology in a short time.

For now.. with 1gigabit residential connections,  BCP 38  OUGHT to be
Google's answer.  If Google handles that properly,  they  _should_
make it mandatory that all traffic  from residential customers be
filtered, in all cases,   in order to  only forward   packets with
their  legitimately assigned  or registry-issued publicly verifiable
IP prefix(es)  in the  IP source field.     Must be mandatory even for
 'resellers',  otherwise there's no point.

And Google should provide _reasonable_ response to investigate  manual
abuse reports to well-publicized points of contact which go directly
to a well-staffed dedicated abuse team, with authority and a clear and
expeditious resolution process,  as a bare minimum,  and in addition
to  any and all automatic measures.

P.S.  reasonable abuse response is not defined as a  4-day delayed
answer to a  'help, no contact addresses will answer me' post on nanog
(long after automated processes finally kicked in)..     Reasonable
response to a  continuous  1gigabit  flood  or  100 kilopacket  flood
should be  less than 12 hours.

If  they think things through carefully   (rather than copy+paste
Google groups e-mail abuse management),    it'll  probably be alright


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