Google to offer fiber to end users

Jeffrey Lyon jeffrey.lyon at
Wed Feb 10 23:53:37 UTC 2010

Our typical gambling/casino customer has maybe 1 - 2 Mbps available to
them. Pretty much anyone in the U.S. could DDoS them if they didn't
have their HTTP/HTTPS traffic proxied and there are plenty more
without any protection at all.


On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 6:40 PM, Tony Varriale <tvarriale at> wrote:
>> Residential computers with enough bandwidth to DoS
>> hosting providers; that should be fun.  Maybe it will
>> encourage the incumbant ISP's to start offering users
>> meaningful bgp communities since they won't be able
>> to keep up with the abuse reports.
>> David
> That's already here today.
> tv

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