Google to offer fiber to end users

David Hubbard dhubbard at
Wed Feb 10 21:58:42 UTC 2010

From: Florian Weimer [mailto:fw at] 
> * David Hubbard:
> > Residential computers with enough bandwidth to DoS
> > hosting providers; that should be fun.
> How is this different from a typical dorm network?
> (Perhaps with all that P2P filtering software in place,
> it's a mere self-DoS nowadays, but the analogy was not
> that far off five years ago or so, with less bandwidth,
> of course.)

Three colleges I've worked at were pretty progressive
in their monitoring, rate limiting and proactive
management of dorm networks; i.e. full bandwidth to
campus, i2, etc. destinations but maybe not to other
remote locations, automated responses to bad behavior
characteristics, etc.  I'm far less worried about
someone in a dorm launching a full gig of http requests
against one IP than a residential computer doing that
for 36 hours before someone from Google takes note.
If they manage the broadband abuse they way they do
gmail forum spammers, I don't have high hopes.


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