ip address management

Phil Regnauld regnauld at nsrc.org
Wed Feb 10 11:55:45 UTC 2010

Mark Scholten (mark) writes:
> Hello,
> I am also working on creating a IP address management tool (including
> changing rDNS), of course it should work with IPv4 and IPv6. If someone is
> interested in it, please mail me (so I know I have to inform him/her when I
> release it). If there are certain features that I should include and are not
> listed please also inform me about it (by email or via the forum on
> mscholten.eu).

	Hi Mark,

	Considering the number of existing projects that have been mentioned
	in the last couple of weeks here, and those that haven't, wouldn't
	it be a good idea to see if any of the existing ones can be adapted
	or patches sent to the authors so that the required features are
	integrated ?

	Not trying to discourage you, and more choice is always good, but
	it does tend to get confusing ;)

> Features I have now on my list:
> - Multi user support (admin - user level 3 - user level 2 - user level 1), a
> user can create users on lower levels to edit how IPs are assigned from
> their ranges to their customers (nice for companies with resellers!), of
> course you could also only create level 1 users.

	Ideally you should consider some form of role based access control:

	Create roles, assign users and groups to them, and give rights to the

> - Multi language support (with language files to translate)
> - Change rDNS (based on changing PTR records in a MySQL database that could
> be used by PowerDNS and a script will be provided to convert the MySQL
> database to Bind files)
	... or dynamic updates.

> Current requirements (to host it, this is what I use to test it, other specs
> may also work):
> - To use the rDNS: PowerDNS or Bind nameservers
> - PHP5 (with MySQLi extension and pear packages Net_IPv4 and Net_IPv6)
> - MySQL 5
> - The option to create a cron if you want to convert the database to a Bind
> file
> The planned release date for the first version is this month.

	That's ambitious :)

	I've designed and co-developed at least 2 platforms similar to the above,
	and if you really insist on going this way, I think you should publish
	some requirement specifications somewhere, and let others come with
	comments.  Nanog is a good starting point, but since this touches on
	DNS as well, I'm sure a dedicated project page would be more useful,
	with possibly a wiki to update said specs.


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