ip address management

Mark Scholten mark at streamservice.nl
Wed Feb 10 11:45:30 UTC 2010


I am also working on creating a IP address management tool (including
changing rDNS), of course it should work with IPv4 and IPv6. If someone is
interested in it, please mail me (so I know I have to inform him/her when I
release it). If there are certain features that I should include and are not
listed please also inform me about it (by email or via the forum on

Features I have now on my list:
- IPv4 support (including ranges, like a /29)
- IPv6 support (including ranges, like a /64)
- Multi user support (admin - user level 3 - user level 2 - user level 1), a
user can create users on lower levels to edit how IPs are assigned from
their ranges to their customers (nice for companies with resellers!), of
course you could also only create level 1 users.
- Multi language support (with language files to translate)
- Change rDNS (based on changing PTR records in a MySQL database that could
be used by PowerDNS and a script will be provided to convert the MySQL
database to Bind files)

Current requirements (to host it, this is what I use to test it, other specs
may also work):
- To use the rDNS: PowerDNS or Bind nameservers
- PHP5 (with MySQLi extension and pear packages Net_IPv4 and Net_IPv6)
- MySQL 5
- The option to create a cron if you want to convert the database to a Bind

The planned release date for the first version is this month.

With kind regards,

Mark Scholten

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