black listing of web traffic

Andrey Gordon andrey.gordon at
Tue Feb 9 22:04:34 UTC 2010

Thx to all the folks replying off the list.

The more I trouble shoot the more I'm convinced that it's not the sites that
are doing rate-limiting. I went to a website of one of my previous employers
(a small company). Chances of them having a fancy reverse proxy with some
sort of black list filtering are slim to none, yet their site barely opens
up as well.

Must be something that either my firewall device is doing (which is what is
doing the NATting) or I don't' know what else. I'm working with my firewall
guy since f/w is his domain and I have no clue about that vendor of the
firewalls (PaloAlto).

Thanks all for the suggestions. I'll keep digging.

Andrey Gordon [andrey.gordon at]

On Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 4:56 PM, Jay Hennigan <jay at> wrote:

> Andrey Gordon wrote:
>> Can't find my IP on any of the black lists. Don't have any proxies. Sites
>> that behave poorly are consistent. That is to say that,
>> would always come up without an issue, but,
>> know, don't ask, students),
>> would consistently take forever to come up.
>> Just wanted to check of rate-limiting web clients is a common practice
>> nowdays in the industry. If it's not, it's probably an unlikely cause of
>> my
>> troubles...
> It could be that the problem sites have some form of load balancer that has
> an issue keeping state on multiple sessions from the same IP.
> You mentioned that changing the source IP fixed it.  Is this a temporary
> fix that breaks after several users access the sites from the new IP?
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