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Tue Feb 9 16:34:20 UTC 2010

Having managed an abuse desk, I can honestly say that sometimes the amount of email you receive can be overwhelming. There were times I was receiving 30k-50k emails a day. It's easy for some to get lost.

On that note, dealing with Yahoo! has been a constant pain. I think they've grown so large that their abuse department is lost in the shuffle. I've been having problems with them automatically greylisting all our IP blocks so that they default to the Yahoo! spam folder unless we send the bulk mail form in 8 bazillion times and being able to contact a human is nearly impossible. Consequently, I have acquired multiple POC's in the abuse/postmaster departments.

Here are the addresses I use to contact people.

abuse-admin at
mail-abuse-bulk at
mail-classic-errors at

ynoc-request at (because we peer with them, sometimes I am able to get them to get someones attention in the abuse department through the NOC though I hate using this route as they are busy enough already.)

and the phone number for postmaster/email customer care is 408-349-1572

Hopefully one of these will help you out.


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On Tue, 9 Feb 2010, John Peach wrote:

> Damn forms; whatever happened to [email protected] addresses?

A few years I proposed a standard way to report abuse by email (X-headers) 
but nobody was interested.

I suspect forms are because the abuse desks want necessary information in 
a structured way that doesn't have to be manually processed each time, 
plus trying to hunt people who can't realise what information is needed to 
do a proper abuse complaint.

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