Western Canada major outage last night?

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Mon Feb 8 20:26:46 CST 2010

I found this:



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I rent a server with eSecureData in Vancouver.  Their network became 
unreachable yesterday evening around 7:37 EST.  They didn't come back 
online until about noon today, and have given this explanation on their 
voicemaik during the outage and via email afterward::
There has been an unprecedented breakage in upstream fibre optic
cables owned by Bell Canada that has caused a network interruption to
all of Western Canada.  We assure you that Bell has the full force of
their network operations department on this issue, and we expect
resolution of this issue shortly

I've not found any indication of this on bellcanada.ca or any news sites, 
and this list has been quiet on al things Canadian (I'm in PA, but my 
server's there).  Can anyone verify or elaborate on this?


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