gordon b slater gordslater at
Mon Feb 8 17:57:58 UTC 2010

On Mon, 2010-02-08 at 12:47 -0500, Steven Bellovin wrote:
> As a matter of form, how might one check out the legitimacy of requests like this?  (No, I don't think this one is fake...)

(it isn't, for the benefit of any casual observers)

Technically, a `Very Good Point`. We'd all like to think we're not 


I'm thinking: a personally-known web-of-trust, for a start. NANOG is a
small, specialist community. I'm also thinking most are familiar with
PGP/GnuPG, so most if not all of us can provide proof, even if we don't

SNMPv1:Flawful Intercept :)

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