How polluted is 1/8?

Manish Karir mkarir at
Sat Feb 6 16:47:58 UTC 2010

Hi Jared,

Merit would be happy to sink and collected this traffic.  Perhaps even the entire /8
depending on the traffic level.  Ideally we would want to do the entire /8.
We have disk and bandwidth in place for our other research activities and this would
fit in nicely.  We could probably do a full pcap capture for a week or so and 
make it publicly available to the broader research community.


>There was a call on the apnic list for someone to sink some of the traffic.

>I'd like to see someone capture the data and post pcaps/netflow analysis, and possibly just run a http server on >that /24 so people can test if their network is broken.
>I've taken a peek at the traffic, and I don't think it's 100's of megs, but without a global view who knows.
>- Jared

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