NorthStar IP Management System

Paul Stewart pstewart at
Sat Feb 6 02:51:51 UTC 2010

Nice to hear from you... we use it every day still ;)

I will admit that we are looking to move to a new system very shortly -
biggest reason is IPv6 support.  There are other reasons but that is the
largest missing feature for us by a long shot...

Hope this helps..


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From: Hitesh Patel [mailto:hitesh at] 
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Subject: NorthStar IP Management System

Hello all,

It has been a while since I posted anything to NANOG.  A long time ago  
(in a galaxy far far away ;) ) I wrote and maintained a software  
package called NorthStar ( to  
administrate IP space and various other things.  Life got busy and the  
project fell off my list of priorities.

Long story short I am looking to see if anyone is still using  
NorthStar?  Would people like to see development start up again?

Hitesh Patel



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