BFD over p2p transport links

Chuck Anderson cra at WPI.EDU
Fri Feb 5 17:59:58 UTC 2010

On Fri, Feb 05, 2010 at 06:50:39PM +0100, Tore Anderson wrote:
> * Serge Vautour
> > I'm being asked to look into using BFD over our P2P transport links. 
> > Is anyone else doing this? Our transport links are all 10G Ethernet 
> > (LAN-PHY). There's no alarming inside of LAN-PHY like there is in 
> > SONET. The transport side should propagate a fiber break by stopping 
> > to send light on both ends. This is enough to cause the router 
> > interfaces to drop and for protocols to converge.
> If only one strand in your fibre breaks, only the side that has the
> broken strand connected to Rx will see the physical interface go down.
> I've seen this happen with Extreme equipment at least.

Not if you leave Auto-Negotiation enabled, which provides Remote Fault 

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