Mitigating human error in the SP

Scott Weeks surfer at
Thu Feb 4 21:30:37 UTC 2010

A recent organizational change at my company has put someone in charge
who is determined to make things perfect.  We are a service provider,

isn't a common occurrence, and the engineer in question has a pristine
track record.

This outage, of a high profile customer, triggered upper management to
react by calling a meeting just days after.  Put bluntly, we've been
told "Human errors are unacceptable, and they will be completely
eliminated.  One is too many."

>From experience...

At one point this will become overwhelming.  You'll wake up every morning dreading going to 
work instead of looking forward to it.  Chain shot will be put in the 'blame cannon' and 
blasted regularly and at everyone.  Update your resume and get everything in place just in 
case it gets to the point you can't take it anymore sooner than you expect.  ;-)


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