fiber plant management?

Justin M. Streiner streiner at
Thu Feb 4 14:56:22 UTC 2010

To those of you who currently operate large campus/metro fiber plants, 
what are you currently using to track the usage of that plant?  By that I 
mean things such as:
* tracking the number of free/used/unusable strands in a cable
* tracking conduit utilization
* tying OTDR test results/power meter readings to strands
* trying as-built drawings to cable routes and plant assets like
 	manholes, junction boxes, transition splice points, duct banks,
 	utility poles, etc.
* mapping termination bays to cables
* tracking cross-connects and splice locations
* grouping cable segments and cross-connects together into a path/circuit
* utilization reports, etc.

I've looked at one or two commercial packages, and might look at more as 
time permits.  I haven't seen much in the open-source world, and I suspect 
that many places ended up rolling their own management apps to tie into 
existing provisioning systems, etc.  It's possible that I could end up 
going that route as well.


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