google contact? why is google hosting/supporting/encouragingspammers?

David Ford david at
Thu Feb 4 08:50:13 UTC 2010

Lately I am flooded with Yahoo groups spammers and I have never gotten a
response out of Yahoo.  I've never got a response from Microsoft with
regards to MSN or Hotmail spammers.  I have gotten responses from Google
and they've shut down the spammers in question.

Our experience is not all encompassing  While I could make noise about
the above, I don't believe either entity either encourages or tolerates
spammers.  My experience suggests that spammer methods arrive in waves. 
At one time I was flooded with yahoo messenger spam bots.  Before then
were the ICQ bots.  More recently it's Twitter bots.

Technology evolves, services and APIs become available and more
prevalent.  Spammers discover them and flock to them.  Report it and
deal with it as best can.

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