google contact? why is google hosting/supporting/encouragingspammers?

David Hubbard dhubbard at
Thu Feb 4 08:34:14 UTC 2010

From: David Ford [mailto:david at] 
> I feel fairly sure in saying that most mailing list software, 
> newsgroup software, and communication software in general,
> will allow you to preemptively add people to your address
> book, subscription lists, etc.  Every router and switch out
> there allows forged packets through them, should we lambast
> the hardware manufacturers even though numerous
> accompanying handbooks recommend good practice
> configurations?
> Google has been very quick to deal with issues of spammers 
> every time I have brought it up.
> On 02/04/10 02:56, Jim Mercer wrote:
> > "here, have some free guns. oh, by the way, its probably 
> > bad if you go around shooting people, so don't do that."
> >
> > it is starting too look to me like google is quite happy to 
> > host spammers.
> >
> > or, at best, doesn't care if spammers use them to host 
> > their services.

I've found gmail is the current favored account amongst 
forum spammers; I have to assume they are doing nothing
about abuse complaints because I find it quite unlikely
that the forums I operate just happen to be the first
ones that get abused by accounts signed up with gmail
addresses.  I report each one to their abuse address,
probably goes to bit bucket.  gmail is probably still
'beta' though so it's ok to let spammers use that too.


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