Datacenter for DR in northwestern NJ/NY

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Tue Feb 2 22:06:23 UTC 2010

At 04:41 PM 2/2/2010, Ray Sanders wrote:
>Datapipe has a facility in N.J...

I have to admit, I've used the Datapipe facility.  I'm underwhelmed.

You might also want to try Albany.  Smaller providers, but a few up 
there (Time Warner for example) that may work.

Decent infrastructure, a train ride away.  Good brew pubs.

>Not sure if they are 50mi from NYC
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>Subj: Datacenter for DR in northwestern NJ/NY
>Hello NANOG!
>Does anyone know of some strong datacenters in northwestern NJ, or 
>north of Westchester NY without getting too far away from NYC?
>I'm looking for a DR colo solution for a site that is in NYC; this 
>needs to be at least 50m away from NYC, but I'm trying to keep it 
>not too much further than that for convenience.  I'm also trying to 
>keep this to top level providers as there may be compliance requirements.
>Thanks in advance for any responses.
>Matt Sprague
>ReadyTechs, LLC
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