Mitigating human error in the SP

Larry Sheldon LarrySheldon at
Tue Feb 2 19:11:25 UTC 2010

On 2/2/2010 11:33 AM, Jared Mauch wrote:
> We have solved 98% of this with standard configurations and
> templates.
> To deviate from this requires management approval/exception approval
> after an evaluation of the business risks.
> Automation of config building is not too hard, and certainly things
> like peer-groups (cisco) and regular groups (juniper) make it
> easier.

Those things and some of the others that have been mentioned will go a 
very long way to prevent the second occurrence.

Only training, adequate (number and quality) staff, and a 
quality-above-all-all-else culture have a prayer of preventing the first 
occurrence.  (For sure, lots of the second-occurrence-preventers may be 
part of that quality first culture.)

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