Mitigating human error in the SP

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Tue Feb 2 12:57:12 UTC 2010

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>  Nothing in the IT / ISP / Telco world is ever going to be perfect, 
>  far too complex with many dependencies.   Yes you might play in your 
>  perfect little labs until the cows come home ..... but there always
>  has been and always will be an element of risk when you start making
>  changes in production.
>  Face it, unless you follow the rigorous change control and development
>  practices that they use for avionics or other high-risk environments,
>  you are always going to be left with some element of risk.


I'd say that 10 minutes of checklist creation at the onset of a change
plan, then 5 minutes of checklist revision/debrief per day is time well
spent. After a couple of months attitudes to SOPs usually change.

_insert duplicate of aviation-style check-listing and human factors
reporting thread here_  


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