Default route with object tracking

Ivan Pepelnjak ip at
Mon Feb 1 20:03:58 UTC 2010

To be absolutely safe, choose 4-5 of the ideas, track all of them and use a composite track object to combine them :)

You can find a lot more details (including the oscillating routing problem) here:

Good luck!
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> Subject: Default route with object tracking
> Hi list.
> I'd like to setup my default routes to the Interwebz to be conditional on
> reachability of something on the Interwebz. I got two different ISPs (no
> BGP). I'm trying to figure out what would be a reliable object to track?
> Meaning, it's probably not reasonable to track my ISPs default gateway,
> since it does not protect me from someone on the ISP side screwing up. I'm
> thinking of tracking something like, but am not sure if after I
> resolve for the first time, it will be simply tracking an
> arbitrary server (or some load balancer).
> I wanted to see what experienced folks think is a reliable tracking
> target.
> Any comments are much appreciated.
> thank you,
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