Public Wireless access (ticket / token / schedule based)

Martin Hotze M.Hotze at
Tue Dec 28 13:03:20 CST 2010

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> Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2010 12:15:55
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> Subject: Public Wireless access (ticket / token / schedule based)
> What is everyone using for enterprise grade wireless authentication for
> simple public access (i.e. users that are non-employee that need
> internet access (non-PCI) while in your building). Obviously I will hang
> this off a DMZ switch outside of my private LAN. Looking for something
> vendor driven, don't have time for anything home grown or unsupported /
> community based.

either more or less out of the box: ZyXEL Hotspot

or a Mikrotik Routerboard (w/IPv6)


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