Muni Fiber Last Mile - a contrary opinion

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Thu Dec 23 13:19:50 CST 2010

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> I got a chuckle out of this:
> "Provo County’s iProvo was hoping for 10,000 subscribers by July 2006
> with the assumption that 75% of those customers would subscribe to
> lucrative triple play services, but the reality was 10,000 customers
> in late 2007 with only 17% of those customers subscribing to triple
> play"
> A 75% upsell rate to triple play packages seems ludicrous. I can't
> think of any industry that sees an upsell rate of 75% - can you (hell,
> I sold running shoes in high school, and the -target- upsell rate on
> shoestrings/socks/whatever-else was 15%).

Indeed.  And it seems worth noting that, unless I'm missing something, 
iProvo specifically violated the condition we all seem to agree is most
important in such a build: they were not only the fiber op, but the content
transport provider (ie, cable company/IAP).

-- jra

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