Adam Rothschild asr+nanog at latency.net
Wed Dec 22 19:52:08 CST 2010

On 2010-12-22-19:44:31, Drew Weaver <drew.weaver at thenap.com> wrote:
> Yes, sorry I should've specified 10Gig-E and I would like to avoid
> using CWDM/DWDM optics if possible I would just like to use regular LR
> optics.

The common misconception is that, just because you're not installing
colored optics directly in your router, something similar doesn't live
elsewhere in your system, mingled with a number of OEO conversions.
Neat packaging and pretty GUI is orthogonal to cheap, and you stated
both as initial requirements, so you're probably best choosing one or
the other.  We may differ on levels of frugality, however I can't
think of any active system I'd classify as "cheap"; at the base,
you're looking at a 2x multiplier from something assembled with cubes,
however you slice it...

If you find yourself stuck with SFP+ interfaces, or partners who don't
grok this stuff and require a "conventional" LR hand-off, perhaps a
2xXFP transponder is really what you're after -- feed your mux with
the colored optics, and the other end with some LR (or SR, CX4, ...).
MRV has some good products in this space.


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