Some truth about Comcast - WikiLeaks style

Dorn Hetzel dhetzel at
Mon Dec 20 17:14:30 CST 2010

Where I live, about 50 miles south of Atlanta down I-85, there is no
consumer broadband at all.

Satellite, Cellular, and T-1, those are my options.

A mile away, there are choices, but not here.  I am sure we aren't the only
neighborhood in this situation, even today.

On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 6:06 PM, Randy Carpenter <rcarpen at>wrote:

> >
> > And yet, I don't know of any location in the US with two cable
> > operators.
> We have 2 separate cable providers in our town. One of them is a division
> of the local telephone company, but it is still CATV plant. The telco also
> operates a FTTH service with IPTV video as well.
> The result is that the big national CATV provider had incredibly good rates
> for a long time, and even after they were more than doubled, are still
> really good.
> -Randy

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