Some truth about Comcast - WikiLeaks style

Chris Adams cmadams at
Sun Dec 19 22:31:53 CST 2010

Once upon a time, JC Dill <jcdill.lists at> said:
> Why not open up the 
> market for telco wiring and just see what happens?  There might be 5 or 
> perhaps even 10 players who try to enter the market, but there won't be 
> 50 - it simply won't make financial sense for additional players to try 
> to enter the market after a certain number of players are already in.  

Look up pictures of New York City in the early days of electricty.
There were streets where you couldn't hardly see the sky because of all
the wires on the poles.

> And there certainly won't be 50 all trying to service the same neighborhood.

And there's the other half of the problem.  Without franchise agreements
that require (mostly) universal service, you'd get 50 companies trying
to serve the richest neighborhoods in town, and none, or maybe one
high-priced vendor, serving the poorer areas.

> And if a competing water service thought they could do better than the 
> incumbent, why not let them put in a competing water project?

There is limited space, and most people don't want the road and their
yard being dug up because their neighbor wants different water service.
Also, the more people digging, the more breaks you'll have in existing
services (and if there are fibers from 10 different companies cut,
they'll be pointing fingers for blame and all trying to get in the hole
at the same time to fix theirs first).

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