UN mulls internet regulation options

Eric Brunner-Williams brunner at nic-naa.net
Sun Dec 19 18:43:26 CST 2010

fred, and others with (misspent) wsis++ / ig++ travel nickles,

it would _really_ help me if you provided more context, off-line if 
necessary, as i spent the week before last more involved with the gac 
than at any prior point in my decade of icann involvement.

i don't mind the 'tude, as we all have 'tude, and it is operational 
shorthand for broad views on the contending actors and their issues.

what would help me most is names of persons and specific positions and 
any additional decoding you care to offer. i have to rely upon second 
hand, and usually wsis++ / ig++ favorably inclined second hand data, 
as my nickle hasn't covered that traveling circus.

so clue please. off-line is fine.


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