UN mulls internet regulation options

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sun Dec 19 18:09:44 CST 2010

> Well, if you have followed the news, it comes down to the fact that
> some of our old friends from WSIS/WGIG/IGF+ICANN/GAC "we're the
> government and we like the idea of being in charge" friends are at it
> again. In one corner, Brazil, China, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia;
> in the other, US, Austria, and so on. The current state of play is
> that the folk in the first corner would like an exclusive club, and a
> combination of parties including the folks in the second corner and a
> variety of civil society, industry, ad etc parties and rocked the boat
> back in the direction of multi-stakeholder discussions.
> My prediction: the boat will keep rocking, and the "givmint" folks
> will try again. And again.



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