BGP Attribute 92 ?

Randy Bush randy at
Sun Dec 19 00:16:55 CST 2010

>> sigh.  is this an attack by a black hat, or by an rir and researchers
>> who do not know how to say "oops, sorreee!?"
> Or who do not know how to warn us in advance:

i really enjoy that that experiment pissed you off big-time.  like you
have the technical incompetence to think it was at all dangerous or a

if i took it personally, as you seem to, i would remove my zones from
being secondaried on  and i might do something about the
many year storm of recursive dns requests to (which does not
recurse) from your friends.  after all, who would want to [ab]use the
services of someone you like to excoriate for doing no harm?

what bullshit!


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