Some truth about Comcast - WikiLeaks style

Jay Ashworth jra at
Thu Dec 16 23:29:58 CST 2010

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> What customers *really* want, and what they gladly accept as long as
> it saves them a few pennies, are miles apart. (Which is why so many
> people blindly give their data to Facebook etc.) This is why I think the
> direction Comcast is going is ultimately going to win in the
> marketplace. Do I *want* to see Comcast win? No! But I think it's an
> inevitable trend. Customers are lazy. Customers are cheap. They will
> - en masse - support the lowest cost solution that *appears* to give
> them something of value, even when it's really not in their best
> interest.

Unless smart people like us *illustrate for them* why in the long run,
it's not really in their best interest.  That is our job, at layers 8 and 9,

-- jra

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