Some truth about Comcast - WikiLeaks style

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Thu Dec 16 00:35:22 CST 2010

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> > If the customer pays the cost of the transport, a provider with
> better
> > transport efficiency / quality ratio wins.
> This (and everything that followed) assumes the customer has a choice
> of
> providers.  For most customers who already have Comcast, they don't
> have
> any choice for similar broadband services (speeds).  So open market
> principles don't come into play, and Comcast knows it.
> jc

While that is true, it was less true today than it was yesterday and
will be even less true tomorrow.  The "captive" audience the cable
providers have had is shrinking.  Even in markets where Comcast might
have a monopoly on TV they don't necessarily have a monopoly on a
broadband path to the residence for other services.  While they might be
able to keep out other "cable" companies, it is going to be hard for
them to keep the phone company out.  They already have a path to the

I found U-verse and FiOS coverage map here: but I can't vouch for the
accuracy except in my local area.

I believe that as these cable agreements expire, it is going to be more
difficult to get a monopoly. Where there is already separate television
and telephone infrastructure, you will see the "cable" company and the
telephone companies competing for triple-play services.

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