Windows Encryption Software

Brandon Kim at
Thu Dec 9 18:24:03 CST 2010

Hey guys:

This is most definitely OT so please contact me off list. (don't want to annoy anyone)

I come to you all because of all your wisdom. =)

I want to know if there's software out there that will encrypt files on win2k3, winxp, win7, so that if someone
decides to steal the computer and plug the harddrive into a USB external case, they won't be able to read the files
on the harddrive.

I know windows has bitlocker, but I don't know if that is available for Win2003? And it always seems like 3rd party
apps seem to do a better job than what Microsoft gives you. 

Encryption needs to be done on the fly so if at anytime the harddrive is stolen, there's no way to read the data...



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